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Reader In DISTRESS! Make-up & Skincare For Hyperpigmentation/Melasma

Some days back, I got this email from a reader:
"CZ!!! i need your help please!!! Rote in to u soo many times but i just havent heard from you!!!! wats a gurl gotta do to get your attention huh????!!!! :P ;) Its summertime and that = lots of sweating and melted off makeup on the face!!! :@ I desperately need you to recommend a good waterproof long lasting liquid foundation for me!! Ive heard liquid foundations are good for heavy coverage ie cover pigmentation, melasma?? :S I suffer from pigmentation of the upperlip and i generally wear foundation on tat part and spread it out a bit to lighten the pigmentation but coz of the summers it melts all over!!! :\'( im desperately in need of help CZ & only U can help me!!! I dont trust salesladies at makeup counters to give a honest enough opinion!! I had written to you on your lakme mousse review page to but still no reply!!! Please please pleaseeee help!!!! Or ill stop recommending your name to my friends!!!! *muahahha* :P ;) ok maybe that was being a bit too dramatic but wats a gurl without some drama huh?? ;) PLEASE REPLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! :)
Ri!! :) "

Firstly, I'd like to say to all those whose distressful queries/comments I have not replied to, most times I simply forget! Sometimes I go back to an old blog post, see a comment I think I should have replied to but completely FORGOT, and I feel very bad. Very bad. Same with emails. So, my sincere aplologies if I missed replying to your queries. I advise you to resend sometimes so it pokes me "Reply....reply, woman!" Believe me, I forget to reply to emails from people who want to give me free stuff & money, too. This head, I tell you. 

Secondly, hahaha....!!! I read this email one morning & it totally woke me up =D