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1 Make-up Pictorial, Over 1 MILLION Pageviews!

Hey IVC Readers,
Happy Friday! Hope you're all doing well. Me, I've been feeling kind of low this week, until I spotted something that picked me right up again.
I noticed one of my tutorials/pictorials has over 1 MILLION Pageviews! I thought these things happened only in Youtube, not in blogging world, let alone blogging world all the way in New Delhi, India
I'm talking about the Easy Cat Eyeliner Tutorial I did last year:
Full post here
This tutorial has been lifted by many websites & shared in Facebook by people who pretend it's their work. So when you see it, please remember it's mine (mine!) =D. I have revamped it & watermarked it properly now.
Just look at that jump! I have never cared that much about traffic & pageviews. Honestly, I don't even know what "Demographics" really mean. Let's just say, a few PR companies who ask for details about my blog's traffic must think I'm an idiot.... and a few are still waiting for a reply. Numbers have never been my favorite topic. My math genius Mr.CZ got a little annoyed when I asked him "So, that's 1.94 Million, right?" [Yes, yes, now I know it's 1.09 million.]
I did this tutorial because I wanted to share something that might help some people, not because I expected 7 figure hits. But it did happen, and I can't help but feel proud & happy. That's why....

.... I have my pink bow shoes on & I'm off to buy myself a present ;)

Thank you all for stopping by always & enjoy your weekend!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*