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MAC Cosmo Lipstick

What's in a name? Back in my hometown, we have a helper we call 'Set', but her real name is 'Sexy'. True story, okay. Thing is, people from the villages give English names to their kids without knowing what they mean. Names like: Latrine, Virgin, Salty Queen, Shining, Tasty, Fertility, Experience....it's as if they see a word in some random thing, smile at the child they're breastfeeding and think- "You are a 'Goodbye'."
I wouldn't be surprised if there's some villager out there named 'Cosmo'. Why not? It's a nice word which attracted me to MAC Cosmo in the first place. I had no idea what the shade was like, but I always knew I was gonna get it someday. That's what's in a name. I hear Cosmo, I think Cosmopolitan (the cocktail) & Sex And The City (Oh, I'm sure there's someone named City too.) 
MAC lipstick Cosmo - described as 'Pink Coco'. Finish is Amplified Creme, which is really creamy & moisturizing. This, I think, is a must-have shade if you're into pinky-peach shades. It's a nice everyday shade and goes with both neutral & smokey eyes. It stays on pretty well, and turns matte-ish when it starts to wear off.