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My Pink Too Faced Handbag Brush Kit & How To Create Your Own {DIY}

You know how doctors carry their stethoscopes everywhere? We makeup artists/enthusiasts also feel we need to carry make-up brushes with us everywhere. Yes yes, I know, we're not the same & make-up brushes don't save lives, I'm just saying that we feel incomplete without our "tools". Okay, maybe I should have compared us to plumbers instead of doctors. Talking about plumbers, can you believe they killed off Mike in Desperate Housewives??!!! 
Anyways, let's talk about happier things .... Too Faced Essential 3 Piece Brush Set. OMG I'm loving it so much!
One: It's PINK! *squeals*
Two: It's light & perfect for my handbag!
Three: The brushes are made of teddy bear hair. Tip of the cuteness! 
Four: It holds 3 essential brushes. I could live on them. 
I love Too Faced. So princessy & vintage-looking.
This kit is for $39.00 = Rs.2000. Bought it from apothica.com. I got it shipped to Shop & Ship, coz it worked out cheaper, since shipping within US is free. I told you about S&S here
Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set