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Brand Of The Month ~ Bourjois

You know I love Bourjois. My good friend even jokes about my obsession with it. I think I've said "It's a brand that rarely disappoints me" before? Okay, maybe I'm making that up, coz déjà vu happens to me a lot! That feeling that I'd already done/said stuff before happens so frequently, it freaks me out sometimes (like MPD does). Anyways, I am putting Bourjois in the spotlight as:
'Brand Of The Month' 
Simply because I'm loving so many products from the brand these days. Below are some of them:
Bourjois Effet Smoky Eyeliner Pencils in Sparkling Mocha & Sparkling Emerald. Price- Rs.385 each

Sparkling Mocha, Sparkling Emerald (Aren't they gorgeous?!!) If you aren't familiar with these- they are soft pencils which can be smudged easily. I've done a review a long time back here