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My Favorite Make-up Looks & Hairstyles At Lakmé Fashion Week

I want to share with you guys my favorite looks done by Lakmé Studio at Lakmé Fashion Week. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out some new looks this season, like I am. 
Make-up looks: I picked all wearable & universally flattering ones.
Hair? Well, one is holding 5% of my hopes & dreams.

  1. Smoldering Peach ~ This look is flattering on almost all skin tones. It has made me reach for my peach blushes on most days. Imagine it without any peachy-ness on the eyes. Right, it won't look balanced. So when wearing peach blush & lipstick, try to add a little bit of peach eyeshadow on your lids too. However, you can skip the peach blush. Make-up symmetry :)
  2. Gold eyes & Red lips ~ This is a Blair Waldorf kind of look- very classy. Skip blush, or sweep a little bronzing powder under your cheekbones.
  3. Neutral ~ Eyes are understated in this look- just some light brown eyeshadow, black kohl, and false lashes. A pale pink lipstick complements the eyes perfectly. Tip: Pair this look with a white outfit/shirt & some dull gold jewelry.
  4. Fairy Cheeks ~ Yes, glitter cheeks can get messy, but there are always theme parties to go too. For regular night outs, apply the glitter on the center of your lids instead- both gold & silver glitter would look nice against peach eyeshadow.