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Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rosy Nude ~ 'My Lips But Better'?

I mumble "Mmm-hmm, my lips but better" as I applied this lipstick. I was in my element.
Mr.CZ:  "Why do you keep saying those words??? 'My lips but better' "
Me:  "Because they're lipsticks that are almost the same color as my natural lips." 
Silence. Some things are to be understood only by us ladies. We hunt for a lipstick that is exactly like our bare lips & a blush that is exactly like our natural...err, flush?
If you're looking for another Nude lippie, then Revlon Rosy Nude 065 Colorburst Lipstick might suit your preference. I personally adore it at the moment. Revlon Colorburst lipsticks need no introduction, as they've been there for a while (they even have babies now). I've always like their finish, color selection, pigmentation, packaging, and the fact that they're fragrance-free.
Rosy Nude is a just that- Rosy Nude. A very wearable shade, which can be played up or down