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Life Of An Official Beauty Blogger

We pretend to tweet in style

In other words, we are Media-Journalist  *ahem*

2 girls to me in hotel lobby: "Can we have passes for Rocky S show?"
Me: "No.", I pursed my lips & shook my head. Then I realized I sounded like a teacher who's not allowing a student to go pee. "I don't have the passes." I added quickly.
Girl 1: "But you are wearing the LFW badge", she pointed at it.
Me: "Yes, but I don't give out passes", I smiled kindly.
Girl 1: "Oh. So, what are you here?"
Me: "I'm only a blo.... I'm a journalist.", I said seriously, and dialed a number for some over-the-phone last minute shopping.
We are the only tiny/dainty thing in a dress- in a crowd of male media photographers