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A Lil' Mr.CZ, A Lil' Love Story

Things have gotten too official around here, so I thought I'd break the cycle by writing about something I have never done in over 2 years of blogging.

I know a lot of you have asked me to put up my hubby's photo here, but I prefer to keep my personal life & family private and out of the internet. Then, while I was editing this photo, I got the idea of doing this post. It's only a glimpse of Mr.CZ, but now you can get an idea of what he looks like.

How We Met: My roommate was dating his friend...we all went out clubbing one night....so we met.
No, we didn't start dating right away. Because, he had a girlfriend & I had a boyfriend- back in my hometown.
Instead, we decided to meet after a year at a certain place....to see where we both stand.
There was a lot of heartbreak during the time....I couldn't wait a whole year!
It turned out........
Neither could he, coz he called me a week later....we met....and nothing else mattered.
That was over 8 years ago. 
We've been together ever since. 
Well....not always. We had plenty of drama break-ups.
We still do.