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Chocolate Beauty Treats ~ The Body Shop Chocomania

Though I don't go bananas over chocolates,  The Body Shop Chocomania range had me at hel....press release. I couldn't wait to sniff them all! When I finally did, the smell was nothing like I expected. Nothing like Dairy Milk or Ferrero Rocher le sigh.

But I still got 2 products to try out-  Body Scrub & Lip Butter.

  • The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub, Rs.760.75 ~ This smells like brownies. It is a fine sugar scrub, and the exfoliating beads aren't big like the ones in TBS Cocoa Body Scrub, but they're still sufficient for a good exfoliating experience.  If you want to skip body lotion after a bath, this is perfect because the oils in it  (Brazil nut oil & Soya Oil) don't wash off completely & give the skin a nice glowy sheen.