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The Body Shop Launches Chocomania ~ A Chocolate Range Fit For Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day drawing nearer, thoughts of true romance are front of mind – and what better way to celebrate than with the food that has inspired countless love affairs throughout history? This February, The Body Shop is proud to launch Chocó mania, a lavish celebration of the timeless ingredient that continues to capture our hearts and our imaginations today.

For over 3,000 years, chocolate - like gold - has had universal appeal. From kings and queens, to laborers and laymen, chocolate has inspired, tempted and tantalized. Once the culinary privilege of the wealthy and famous, chocolate has worked its way into our hearts and lives. And for the chocoholics amongst us, we’ve got some news to get your blood racing: our new Chocó mania bath & body range is here.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Chocó mania is a decadent, sensuous and indulgent range guaranteed to plunge you, your skin and your senses straight into chocolate heaven. Sin free, pleasure rich and oozing with luxurious texture and fragrance, Chocó mania is irresistible.

With its rich and sumptuous texture, Queen of the Chocó mania range is Chocó mania Body Butter. “Inside every pot is an exclusive formula of 12 Community Fair Trade Ingredients from around the world making this the most lavish Body Butter from The Body Shop to date. Smooth and seductive, Chocó mania Body Butter simply melts into the skin, combating dryness with 48 hours of intensive moisturisation and releasing a heavenly chocolate fragrance that will make you smell good enough to eat.

Can’t get enough? We understand. Thankfully, there’s a whole Chocó mania range to enjoy, so you can indulge in the delicious fragrance and sumptuous textures in as many ways as possible. Now, that’s pure luxury.

  • Chocó mania Body Butter – Rs.895 (200ml.) , Rs.345 (50ml.)
  • Chocó mania Body Lotion –  Rs.595
  • Chocó mania Shower Cream Rs.395
  • Chocó  mania Body Scrub  - Rs. 895
  • Chocó mania Lip Butter – Rs. 295
  • Chocó mania Heart shaped Soap – Rs. 245
  • Chocó mania  Bag of Hearts – Rs.595 

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