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Lakmé Absolute Fast & Fabulous Nail Color Purple Plunge

Meet the NNPOTB (New Nail Polish On the Block, okay?Lakmé Fast & Fabulous Nail Color, which promises to go from Wet to Set in 40 seconds & boasts of its unique brush for 1 stroke application.

In the pics I had applied 3 coats of the nail color since it's the shimmery kind. Man, did it dry quick! And yes, the brush is thicker than most nail polish brushes and covers the whole nail at once. It was a cakewalk applying Purple Plunge- no streaks, TG! Although it's a shimmery nail color, it doesn't have a gritty feel, it feels smooth. The shade is rather too cold for this season, but it's one of the prettiest shades in the collection & I couldn't resist.