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All Artistic Eye Makeup Looks In One Place

Please give it up for all the contestants of the Artistic Eye Makeup Contest ~ 25 entries altogether! TOP 5 Looks will be announced tomorrow! Boy, am I having a tough TOUGH time! I'm staring at my computer screen trying to put only 5 photos in a collage (and listening to Jay Sean)

I just want to say that, you all did a fantastic job creating your own artistic looks. Whatever the results, please know that I appreciate all your efforts & also for simply participating in my small makeup contest. I'm sure all IVC readers enjoyed seeing all the different & unusual eye makeup & picked up some ideas, like I did.

Once again, THANK YOU & GOOD LUCK.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Congratulations Contestants !! :) Congrats Cynthia for holding a great contest.. ♥♥


    Godbless !

  2. Woot! I like the first one at the top row, middle picture in the second last row, and the 2nd last one in the last row.

  3. I have absolutely no chance....OMG!Third row middle one,middle one in second last row & middle one in the last row are so professional i luv them all:)Thx Cynthia fr throughing such a nice contest...im so glad to be a part of this:)

  4. Wow! They're all fantastic...! It must be really hard to pick, I'm so glad I participated!

  5. Great job all of you guys, It was great to see so many artistic looks, I loved them all! Do not envy your position right now Cynthia! :))

  6. Such a great competition...inspiring peoples creativity! I loved seeing all the entries and I had loads of fun myself thinking of different idea's! Good luck to everyone!! :-)


  7. Had so much fun doing a look for this contest.. And wow. It's so nice to see what everyone else came up with! There's a lot of talent out there. Thanks for hosting this contest Cynthia. <3

  8. all the best gals :) May the best person win !!1 :)

  9. All the best to all the contestants!!

  10. I have done nothing comparing all the lovely artist's. Sooo, creative...woowww...

  11. i loved party lanterns and poison ivy :)


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