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Bride's Emergency/Handy Kit


In a perfect world, a bride can survive on a tube of lipstick (and she'd also be marrying John Abraham or Prince Henry or that other celeb she adores/stalks) As an ex-bride, I wish I had read this post before my wedding day because I only had makeup, tissues & chewing gum in my tiny handbag. So, I hope future brides won't forget they'll possibly need these other important things:

  • Safety Pins ~ Why do we always need them when we DON'T have any?! Especially if you'll be wearing a two-piece, these things will surely come in handy.
  • Eye Drops ~ Smoke (and tears) can strain your eyes. You want to be bright-eyed for photos. Buy: Clearine Eye Drops.
  • Ear Ointment Cream- My gold bridal earrings were so thick that my piercing had to be 3 times the size to insert them without pain, so I had to live with watery/itchy ears for days after the wedding. It's better to apply a cream before wearing your heavy earrings to prevent infection. Buy: Flutibact.
  • Eyelash Glue ~  For your false eyelashes (they tend to come off at the inner corners) & also, maang tika- so it stays in place on your forehead. At Ambika Pillai studio, they once used Dendrite for my maang tika, and I ended up with a grape-sized bump on my forehead the next day. Gosh, I can't help thinking- What if they had used superglue???!!! Idiots. Buy: Duo Adhesive.