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ASOS Review & Haul

So I shopped from asos.com for the first time this month. I didn't want to buy anything expensive since it was my first time, so I decided to buy tights- inexpensive, but much-needed for this winter. They are so cute & in tip-top condition, and I can't wait to wear them!

  • ASOS Heart Suspender Sheer Tights, 8 GBP (Rs.650) ~ These are so hot! I have a thing for garters, so I couldn't be happier when these came into fashion. They're Free Size- a tad loose around my feet/toes, but fit perfectly on the rest of my legs.
  • Gipsy Mock Ribbed Over The Knee Tights6 GBP (Rs.487) but they're now 8 GBP ~ These are more conservative than the heart suspender ones up there....or not, it depends on how you wear them really. But I love the ribbed fabric, it clings better than the heart suspender tights & it's warmer too.