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Studded Suede Booties: Guess The Price!

Let's play a Guessing Game! I show you my new pair of nude suede booties with gold studs, and you guess how much I paid for them.

I bought them recently. I bargained, SA stuck to his price, I left store hoping he'll budge and call me to come back (an age old tactic), he DIDN'T (basta....!), I went back in a few minutes to take the shoes and pay his price.

Me: Khush? (Happy?)
SA:  Haan, bahut khush *grins* (Yes, very happy)

Oh he knew he had all the power and that I was gonna go back for them anyways. Actually, I knew it too haha! Damn these small feet!

If you guess right:
You will automatically be entered in my next GIVEAWAY (non-sponsored)

RESULTS on Monday.

For now, how much??? :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^