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At Bourjois Event, New Launches & Haul

I told you about the Bourjois event the other day, and I did make it. It was a quick one, but I came home with new Bourjois products I have been wanting to try, so I was pretty psyched when I left.
I met Zahra, Bourjois' makeup artist, but the meeting lasted only for a few minutes because she wasn't feeling well and was jet-lagged. Hence, no photo of her.

Must-have Bourjois products according to her: Mascara, Eyeliners & Blush.

Enjoy the photos!

Outfit: Sorry, couldn't click properly. It was awkward with people staring and all. I just wore a casual black & off-white bandage dress and a black quarter-sleeve silk blazer. The blazer has a bow clasp there, but it keeps unclasping on its own. Must-fix-that. Black Vincci shoes, black little Accessorize bag.

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara