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Forever New Bracelet Set ~ Week's Best Buy

So, I was at Forever New the other day (2nd visit,same day) looking for a clutch. I tried this bracelet half-heartedly and put it back. Then this happened:

Mr.CZ : That looks nice. Take it and let's go *impatiently* (it was almost closing time.)
Me :  Really?! It's cute? Nah...I don't want.... *picks it up again*
Mr.CZ : Take it. Let's see, how much is it? *checks price tag* Not bad for this *nods head approvingly* Hmm....quite reasonable for this.
Me :  Oh, okay. I'll take it. Ya, I'll take it....

....and I'm so glad I did :)

Moral of the story: When a man says the product looks good...the price tag is good, you take it!