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Sexy Smokey Eyes For Karwa Chauth ~ Tutorial

Here is Karwa Chauth step-by-step eye makeup tutorial some of you requested. I am using some random colors, so feel free to use any other colors for this look. You could use a shade that matches with your outfit. The main colors I used are pink & purple from a Revlon palette I have been ignoring for a long long time. 
Let's begin:
Part 1:
  • Revlon Illuminance cream black shadow as eyeshadow base. This will intensify the look. Blend the black on your hand first before applying it on your lids, this will prevent mistakes & make blending it easier.
  • Apply it all over you eyelids up to the crease line. I have droopy lids, so I like to take color over my natural crease line.
  • Blend the harsh edges with a blending brush.
  • With my ring finger, I mixed purple & pink eyeshadows together & patted them on top of he black base. Again, blend the edges.
  • It should look like last pic.