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Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll On Review

Finally! I have got to try a product which I have been wanting to try for more than a year (remember my crazy wishlist post here?)

Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Roll On with Pure Lemon Essence, Caffeine & Mineral Pigments claims to refresh eyes and brighten dark circles. It is also fragrance-free and dermatologically & opthalmologically tested.
Shade ~  Medium
Texture is liquid-like and runny- like thin water color. On my eyes below. Please excuse the lash glue stuck on my lashes. It's a pain to remove!

Glitter Gold Nails (Now Named 'Samantha Jones')

This nail lacquer reminds me of Samantha Jones, Sex and the City. She's blonde, she likes wearing gold & yellow, she glitters (to put it delicately), and she'd wear a canary diamond ring. I pair cosmetics with celebs/people and I wonder why people get mad at me when I zone out while they're talking to me.

Anyhoo, this is the answer to those of you who have asked about OPI glitter nail polishes in India. I can't bring myself to buy OPI's (YET. I know they're addictive), so I jumped when I saw these at a store in my city.