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My Makeup Storage Drawers

One Saturday, I saw some plastic drawers I've been looking for, but then the white color I wanted was so dirty & old! So the shop owner told us a new one will be available on Tuesday. I ordered 2. I was so excited the whole weekend. Tuesday came, but the idiot didn't have new ones- he'd forgotten all about it. I wanted to scream! And I did- in my pillow, like a lady. 

Long story short, idiot called a few days later to say that they are available! :))

They are quite sturdy although they're plastic. The best thing about them is they are made in such a way that you can stack them on top of each other. I still need to organize my products properly, so please ignore the randomness =D. I also don't usually keep them in this place. I shifted them to a brighter room for the photos.