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I Am Femina's Blogger Bee in Beauty! :))

As part of their relaunch campaign, Femina magazine crowned several bloggers from India with the Blogger Bee Award, and Oh-My-Bows...I am one of them! I feel so honored! It feels even more surreal because I grew up reading Femina magazines, you know? :)

What is a Blogger Bee Crown? 
Femina celebrates "Womanhood" by acknowledging talented women who excel in the online world of Fashion, Beauty, Society, Films, Home Decor, Books etc.

About Femina Relaunch Campaign:
"For all the women you are" Femina's new brand campaign, we have chosen to put the spotlight on the modern Indian woman's expanding roles & changing equations at her Home, Workplace, Social space, Personal life & the Online space. 

She is the Princess of all things - Shoes, She is Nobody's fool, She is the Wizard of Odds, She is the FeminaWoman! 

Here's a video shot by Anurag Basu, featuring Kalki Koechlin celebrating the relaunch campaign: 

Don't you just love that video?! It's so seductive, yet innocent :)

Thank you Femina! And many many thanks to all you wonderful people who read my blog! It wouldn't be the same if I couldn't share this moment of elation with you...I just L♥VE you all!

Now let me go and scream into a pillow.

*To see all Blogger Bees, please go HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

My Ethnicity ~ FAQ (Childhood & Honeymoon Photos)

"What is your ethnicity?" If I had a nickel for everytime I've been asked this question....

I thought it's about time I explain why I don't look conventionally "Indian". But first, let me share with you some of the assumptions people make:

-  "Are you from Nepal?" This is partly my fault coz I used to wear nose rings and some bling on my eyes & forehead haha.
-   Some random girl in my hometown stopped me on the road and said "Hi, are you a Rajput?"  I didn't even know what it really meant! 
-  Southeast Asian
-  Filipino. 
-  Kashmiri
-  Punjabi. Most people in my hometown assume I'm Punjabi coz of my long nose, I guess. Hey, I married a Punjabi so now I'm Punjabi hehe.

People from other Asian countries NEVER believe I'm Indian. I'm so tired of convincing them. One hairstylist in Singapore refused to believe it. He was like, "No you are not, and that's that", so I didn't tip him. That will make him believe, no? Haha... where's Russel Peters?

The truth:
  1. I'm a Khasi, from a small town in the North-East part of India. Quote Wikipedia: "The general belief is that the khasis were the first of the Mongolians to have migrated to India." So I guess I'm part Mongolian if that's true.
  2. My great grandfather (maternal) was English of Scottish origin, so you can say I'm 1/4th Scottish. Sometimes my hubby pulls my leg and calls me "Lassie" >.<

Here's a very old photo from the past (I don't know who carved it like that. It looks like something I would do lol...but it wasn't me- I hope.)

That's me with my only sibling/elder brother & late grandfather. See my brother was born blonde. He was so cute! Of course, his hair is dark now. Oh, the dog kissing me is Rocky & the other one is Browny. They were really good dogs. Rocky died when he got old, and Browny was stabbed on a New Year's day morning by some drunk (who's probably already in hell by now.)