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My 'KISS' Makeup Brushes For Everyday

KISS- Keep It Simple Silly. That's the only thing I understand from Ranbir Kapoor's stand up comedy in those Docomo ads (Hindi is not my 1st language). He talks and talks & the audience laughsMy hubby turns to me and grimace. I roll my eyes as if I know exactly what he means. But truthfully, I don't. I don't understand anything except the 'KISS' in the end. Never mind though, at least I understood the part worth understanding, no?

Anyways, my point is, I have simplified my life a little bit just by picking out which brushes I'd need every time and I keep them all in a separate brush holder to save time. Believe me, it's an accomplishment of some sort for a scatterbrain.

So, here are 8 brushes I use everyday- for any look:

  1. Foundation- Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki. This is the ultimate foundation brush. It blends foundation flawlessly in a jiffy. I can't live without it. Review here
  2. Powder- Coastal Scents Bionic Wide Buffer Brush. I love this to pieces. It's incredibly soft and because it's flat, it's ideal for patting powder to set your foundation & concealer without moving them.
  3. Blush ~ Inglot 24SS. It's dual-sided. The big brush is ideal for blush application & the smaller flat top brush is great for brushing off eyeshadow fallouts, stippling concealer & contouring cheeks too. Review here
What about bronzer, you ask? If I'm wearing bronzer, which I don't everyday, then I'd use a large kabuki brush. But if these were my only options, then brush No.1. or No.3.

Concealer? Fingers, toothpick (yes, really :)) & Sigma E40 (mentioned below)