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Frills On The Poolside ~ OOTD

I don't usually get to click outfit photos here, coz it's kinda dark inside the house even during daytime (I don't like flash!) and it's so hot outside + who'll click? The guards downstairs? I don't think so! You know what type they are. But while on vacation my (impatient) hubby was there, so I had to turn on the sweetness:

  • I wasn't smiling that time! Once more, please.
  • My leg should face the other way! Once more, pleeese.
  • Please crouch down and then click so I look taller =D
  • This time of just my shoes, okay? I love you.
And then some more hehe. So, here are some pics on the rooftop poolside of our hotel in Kuala Lumpur: