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The Body Shop Body Butter Duo ~ Sweet Pea & Macadamia

What is the one known trait of a Gemini? Being two-faced. If you have been reading my blog from the start, you'd have noticed a cycle- I have to have 2 or more of the same thing. Even with these duos, I had to get 2, see? I'm never satisfied with just one (I mean things, not people ;)). Can you imagine having 2 mothers or 2 husbands?! I'd go insane! =D

When I first laid eyes on The Body Shop Body Butter Duos, it was like a little bulb inside me lit up. Twin language? Hehe.

So, what's the deal with TBS Body Butter Duo? Basically, this twin pot contains two types of moisture: a light cream for where skin needs less hydration and a rich cream for drier areas like elbows and knees. In my case, feet too.