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Me In Etude House ~ The Barbie Store

I got more than one email asking me about that picture on the right there below the labels. They wanted to know where I got it from and if I could send them the link to the page I downloaded it from. One even said "that Hello Kitty house pic" ;))
Well, I'm proud to say, it is my photo...this is the link lol. I took it in Etude House in 2009 at Berjaya Times Square Mall, Kuala Lumpur. I thought I'd put them up. Actually, I did put a slideshow in 2009 when I just started this blog, so some of you might have seen them. Of course, I removed it after a week or so. I don't know, I was a little paranoid back then.

So here are the pics...enjoy! (Note: They were taken with my old camera, so the quality isn't so good & people were staring at me from outside... it was really awkward.)