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The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen To A Makeup Addict

Two and a half weeks ago, Mcdonald's sent 3 burgers when we ordered only 2, and didn't charge for the extra one. So I tweeted (on Twitter), "....Imagine a makeup co. making that mistake =D" (See here)

Sleek Makeup did. I ordered the Sleek Avoir la PĂȘche Collection last week and yesterday I received 2 packages. I thought they packed the items separately but...

Oh my bows! Look! There's two of everything!!! I was confused, excited, nervous- maybe they charged double. They didn't. Yes, they didn't- checked again.

I opened just one set. The other is still brand new (I just checked the eyeshadow palette, which is not sealed like the blush and Pout Polish, to see if anything broke. Nope. Goody.)
The packaging is so cute! My first Sleek products and I'm over the moon! It's one hell of a first chapter, don't you think? ;)