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Simple Fantasy Look

To be honest, this is an unplanned look. I wanted to try my new Inglot Pure Pigment #22 (purple with gold), and decided to complete the look, put on a butterfly necklace on my head, and call it a Fantasy Look ;). I know I look more bohemian, but I chose to ignore that lol. Potato potahto.

Actually I did want to do a look inspired by the Lakme Fantasy Collection, so I guess this comes close to the look I had in mind.

Fake Olay? Reader Query

This is an email from a reader:

"I've been using Olay Total Effects since a while now, have finished about 3 bottles. And recently bought the fourth one. When I opened it i felt something odd. Let me list down all those things :

1. The bottle seems a little heavy. Obviously because its full. But even then , none of my previous Olay bottles felt this heavy when they were full.
2. The writing on the packaging seems a little odd. Since all the other 3 bottles came with a free face wash, there packaging was the extended one to include the face wash, and this one had simply the Olay bottle. BUT even then, the packaging on the bottle is different. The older one's had the ingredient list and this one has Directions and manufactured. etc
3. The size is different. The previous ones were slightly longer and less rounder. That is say a minute difference of 0.5 cm or maybe 1 cm difference.
4. OMG the smell. the smell of this one totally put me off. Its so weird. Nothing like the pleasant smell of the other ones. I just couldn't take it.
5. Its too thick. I only pump the bottle once and use that amount. I did exactly that this time, but when I applied it on my face it felt heavy, thick and made my nose oily. Then I started sweating on my upper lips. Something which has never happened with me when I used to use Olay before. It felt as if I had just put the ponds white cream on my face.
6. The color looks pinkish/ peachish in a very weird way. I know Olay was never white, but this just seems so weird. I thought I was dizzy or something because it looked a different color.
7. Tingly feeling on the cheeks. Now I'm really not sure if it because of this stupid ( fake ? ) Olay or something else . Or maybe I'm imaging things. But I've been itching on my cheeks, I've already scratched it a couple of time, anymore and i'll develop red marks.
8. Bad English ! The bottle and the cover both say " Keep out of reach FOR children" Why would P&G let that get printed on their product. Its wrong English. Bad grammar. OMG. I don't expect P&G to have mad that mistake.

Some pointers ,
This was manufactured on 18th November 2010. So no its not expired. It keeps for 3 years .
I know there is one for sensitive skin and one for normal. I have used both. And know how both feel. This one feels nothing like the previous ones.
I bought it from a decent shop. I've bought other stuff from that shop too.

Now I'm very confused. I paid 699 for this thing and think its a rip off . Olay Total , Totally fake ? What do you think ? What should I do ? Should I write to P&G ? Should I take it back to the shopkeeper ? I'm very confused :( "

The Olay I have is definitely not a fake and looks like this...

  • As you can see, it does have that grammatical error too "Keep out of reach for children" (LOL..I never noticed that before)
  • I bought it in 2009 and it is old and I don't use it anymore, but it still smells good.
  • The price of mine is Rs.650. Did they increase the price??! Wow.
  • *Edit: Manufacturing date is written at the bottom. 081216 (YY/MM/DD)
    I think in manufacturing, it's almost impossible to make the product exactly the same. I once bought The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter and it was SO bitter! Omg it was the worst thing ever. It made my hands obnoxiously bitter, and the bitterness was hard to wash off as well, yuck! Another time at a TBS store I told my s-i-l not to get it & to taste it first lol, but it wasn't bitter at all.

    The same goes for the packaging, and maybe it's a different maker.

    But the smell is what worries me with yours. They are stupid to change it if they did. I liked it a lot.

    I don't think it's a fake, but if you're still worried then you can write to them and give them the product number of any other number on the bottle.

    Please feel free to offer your suggestions everyone.

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^