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Not Just About The Strappy Booties

I'm day-dreaming about shoes these days, coz I haven't been to a shoe store since last year, I think. For those of you who just started reading my blog and thinking wth, I've got small feet and don't find shoes especially here in India, so I don't even bother entering the shops.

My wishlist gets longer everyday. I want so many types, so many colors. Why, why isn't my husband a shoemaker???!!! And why, why isn't Jimmy Choo my father???!!!

Since I'll be shoe shopping again soon-ish I thought I'd show you the pair I bought last time. 

  • Black Strappy Booties ~ Vincci. Rs.2500. I think. I've never worn these outside, but have modeled in them many times at home ;)
  • Necklace ~ Big Jo's. Forgot how much exactly, I think around Rs.900
  • Gold metal bag ~ Big Jo's, Rs.idontremember. Maybe 1200 or 2000, I don't know lol.
Both necklace & bag I bought, almost impulsively & desperately, during a last minute shopping for a graduation party, many years ago. Literally a few hours before the party and yes, I didn't reach the party on time and also couldn't accept a certain 'award'. Sigh! They remind me every time I look at them.