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Color Block Makeup + MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

Color Blocking is all the rage now, but somehow it scares me a little bit. Mixing and matching doesn't come easily to me. I'd rather be safe in my black shoes and off-white walls. If I'm wearing yellow, I'm more likely to pick a yellow or black handbag over a red one, any given day.

It's a different story with make-up though. I didn't even think twice. I had a picture in my head and I started painting. I know I already did similar green eyes recently, but this is more green okay lol. I thought about doing blue but I don't know...too cool.

I chose to pair emerald green, peach & pink for this look. How brave am I?! ;). In the pic above I didn't line my waterline, which I think looks better in this type of look. But then I felt naked in a few minutes, and decide to line it anyways.