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Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum ~ Does It Work?

This  light-weight, easy-to-absorb intensive treatment can visibly lighten skin tone as it refines skin texture.
Contains Neutrogena HealthyWhite Complex that helps inhibit melanin production and high purity retinol to enhance cell regeneration, stimulate collagen and refine skin. Anti-oxidants to help neutralize effects of free radical damage and help prevent melanin production. Clinically proven to improve skin tone and clarity, see visible results in just 4 weeks. 

How to use:
Use 1-2 times a day after cleansing. Lightly massage in to boost penetration.

Disappointing Beauty Products

I do favorite posts and haul posts and influence you to spend money. Bad... bad girl! I love comments like"Reading this blog is not good for my wallet",  and I can totally understand how you feel because I feel like that every single day when I see new things in other blogs and websites. 

So, I'm hoping posts like this one will help you save some money.

Here are 3 of the most disappointing beauty products I used recently:

1. Face Facial Cleansing Buffer: For face? Really?! It's so rough and scratchy I regret using it on my face even once. They should rename it Foot Cleansing Buffer or Hairy Back Cleansing Buffer.