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New U Haul + FREE Gifts!

I love New U! I want it to get bigger & better, like Watsons, my favorite drugstore. I was shopping there yesterday, and realized that I'm a big fan of QVS. The brand has such cool beauty tools- makeup brushes, sponges and whatnot. I want them all! Especially the sponges, I don't know why!

Here's the stuff I got:

  • Audrey's Wedge Sponges 24 pcs (Rs.95) ~ LOVE! I needed more sponges
  • QVS 2 Facial Cleansing Facial Sponges (Rs.165) ~ I needed (yes, needed) a soft facial sponge to cleanse & scrub my face. Sometimes I need a softer tool than my Body Shop Facial Buffer.