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Lip Ice Strawberry, Orange, Blueberry & Lemon + Sheer Color

What is Lip Ice?
Combination of Lanolin and Mineral Oil will moisturize lips to prevent drying and chapping. Has SPF 15 that will protect the lips against UV rays.

Directions: Apply evenly on lips everyday. Can be used as base for lipstick too.

Ingredients: Mineral oil, Ozokerite, Petrolatum, Octyl Mathoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, Lanolin, Flavor, Dimethicone, Menthol, Camphor.

  • Strawberry- You get a whiff strawberry in this, but without the sweetness that you get from other strawberry lip balms
  • Orange- Smells like orange juice, obviously.
  • Blueberry- It doesn't smell like blueberry muffins, but it does smell slightly sweet. I think this is the best one for men. Hey, if Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl) could publicly apply the egg-shaped eos lip balm with panache, this surely won't make you look less like a man.
  • Lemon - Smells like lemon peel.