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Eyebrow Shaping & Grooming Tutorial

I don't obsess over my brows (as you might have noticed from my lotds), but when I do, I do it too much, which often leads to over-tweezing & trimming. Then I would have wait till they grow out evenly to reshape them again. I have stopped going for threading, mainly because all that stretching freaks me out now. I have kinda droopy lids, and stretching them too much too often, will eventually lead to sagging. I don't want to need a brow lift any time.

This tutorial will show you how I pluck & groom them.

In the following diagram, is the basic guide to shape eyebrows

I use this guide coz it isn't complicated, like some guides with lines everywhere, and it works for me.

Favorite Makeup Tips

Here are 5 of my favorite makeup tips, old and new, which I picked up from various sources- magazines, makeup artists & my own experience:
  • If you don't want length on your bottom lashes, apply gel liner on them instead of mascara. 
  • Apply some loose powder with a fan brush or a puff on your under eye area when using dark eyeshadows or shimmery eyeshadows, so your base won't be ruined if there's fallout. You can just dust it all off with a powder brush when you're done.
  • Tearing up while applying mascara or liner but don't want the tears to roll down and spoil your makeup? Just press a Q-tip (ear bud) right on your tear ducts. The tears will be absorbed immediately. Do this when you use eye drops too.
  • My new favorite way of applying mascara to extend my short lashes & curl them at the same time: Place the brush at the roots of your lashes, and start rolling the wand (inwards towards cheek), keep rolling till it reaches the tips of your lashes. Repeat until you have evenly coated all your lashes.
  • What's your natural blush shade? Squeeze your fingertip (a little above the line), the increase in blood flow will make the tips look pinker. That's the color that will look most natural on your cheeks.
I will keep posting makeup & beauty tips every now and then, so they can go in the 'Beauty Tips' tab up there. Hope you'll enjoy reading, and find them useful.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^