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My Name Necklace ~ Cynthia

I ordered this necklace almost 2 weeks back, after watching the whole Sex and The City series for the...7th time, I think.

Placed order on Feb 7th
Necklace Shipped on Feb 12th
Received on Feb 18th
*Regular shipping may take 10 business days

The letters are smaller than I thought. I was very upset when I saw it the first time. I should have ordered the bigger one, like Carrie's. I didn't even stop to think about the size difference when I ordered in a rush. Ah, whatever. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe if I had gotten the bigger one, I would be wishing I got the smaller one, who knows?! :)

Chain length ~ 16"/40 cm (Young adult/Adult)
Price ~ $29.95. If you want slightly bigger letters, get the one which is for $33.95.

I ordered it from mynamenecklace.com. You can use these Coupon Codes: Gift or Discount to get 10% off.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^