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Find Katy Perry/Lady Gaga Wigs, Eyelashes & Costume Items At KKCenterHK

I was contacted by this Hong Kong-based online website called KKCenterHK right around the time I was looking for a Katy Perry wig. As you all know wigs and such are very hard to find in India (and Miss Jo didn't have the ones I want ether.) I checked out the site, and boy! They sell a lot of stuff! Wigs, Eyelashes, Gloves & Stockings, MakeupESSIE Nail Polishes, and shoes too! :). They ship internationally, which I'm really happy about, coz I really needed an online store for wigs and stuff. You know I like to dress up! =D

Anyways here's what they sent:

Blonde wig (Click HERE for detailed pics & price)
I just love the curls in this!

My Hunt For Dotted Stockings & Found These...

Ever since dotted stockings became a trend, I'd been hunting for a pair. I didn't find them here and I didn't find them in Kuala Lumpur back in September either. I got so desperate I even thought about buying a plain pair of  black stockings and using black fabric paint to put dots on them. Okay, honestly, I just thought of that. I didn't get that desperate.
For the record, I don't like the ones with BIG penny-sized dots. Small beauty spot dots for me.
So, on Christmas Eve day, I found a pair with heart-shaped dots from Aldo. I wouldn't have bought them if they costed more than what they did, which was Rs.450, coz they didn't look like they'll survive a minor scratch from a dry cuticle, let alone a chipped nail! And they weren't packed in a polythene packet, they were just displayed barely for all to feel & scratch! I don't know what Aldo was thinking! =[

True story is: I was in Aldo with a friend, told the SA I was buying the stockings, she took it to the cash counter, then I got distracted looking at sunglasses & earrings, and left the store totally forgetting about the stockings! Of course, I remembered a few feet later and went back to actually buy them.

Since I'm doing stockings, I thought I'd show you these ones that I got from Kuala Lumpur as well...

Yup I 'settled' for these since I couldn't find dotted ones. Something is always better than nothing, right? I think they were about the same price as the Aldo ones. 

By the way, some people call these "Tights". Like, 'dotted tights' or 'patterned tights'. I can't bring myself to call them Tights, coz tights to me are the thick and opaque knit ones. If they're sheer, I always call them "Stockings". But yeah, I guess tights seem appropriate for sheer ones too. What about you? Tights or stockings?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^