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Etude House MiniME Perfumed Stick ~ Ms.Ever "Happily Ever After"

A fairytale ending sounds so cliché, yet it's always nice to hear. No wonder Ms.Ever is one of the best-selling sticks out of 5 Misses:

 Miss Cutie , Miss Hot,  Miss Lonely,  Miss Twinkle,  Miss Ever
Oh Ms.Lonely, why you look so sad? Ms.Twinkle, please give me your belt. And Ms.Ever, you're mine forever :)

Etude House MiniME Ms.Ever Perfumed Stick is a solid fragrance with a floral bouquet fragrance. 

That's the whole stick
Yes, it smells floral, but it's the kind that doesn't make you want to hold thy breath. It's pleasant enough for a 5-year old to wear. 

Front & Back

Soo...adorable, no? I want lips like that! Or maybe not lol.

Price ~ Around Rs.830-840. It's so cute that I didn't mind paying that much for a floral-smelling....well.... wax.

Etude House products are usually affordable, but what I'm especially amazed at how much creativity & imagination goes into the packaging. The attention to detail blows me away- they even make the outer box too cute for the trash. Nothing is done half-a**ed! 

I just wish the brand comes to India. We sure need some 'cute' over here. Hello?!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I totally agree with you on the packaging matter! Definitely no half-a**ed work there! =D and the thing is, MOST korean cosmetics come in super duper cute packaging! ^__^ ppl over there are a lucky bunch! I asked my sis to buy me some cosmetics there a month ago and she came back with a brand that I've never heard of! BUt it was so freaking adorable.. might do a post on it soon..^^ If you would like to check it out, come by my blog..hee..=)

  2. These perfume sticks looks adorable :) Kinda like the Harajaku Lovers perfume..

  3. OMG so cute !! they remind me of harajaku lovers , but ofcourse they are very different .

  4. Hmm I'mm not much into solid perfume but the packaging is so damn cute, thumbs up from me :D

  5. I find dolls creepy personally, but I do like all the pink.

  6. omg .....its just too cute and irresistable !!

  7. Totally cutee..lush launched perfumed sticks but made them in that strange bvlack packaging and worse...called them gorilla perfume sticks...WHy lush...why

  8. So cute..her hair looks like a chocolate fountain :)

  9. We need some "cute" and that brand here too! =\ ZOMG, I almost died from cuteness.

  10. Oh how cute!! And her hair does look like chocolate!


  11. OMG so cute♥_♥ ...dont throw the bottle after perfume is over! lol

  12. GB- of course not! :D

    beautyreviewol, MTOFAB- ya, it does actually :)

    snc- let's hope we get the cute :)

    pnb- ya, so weird they are


  13. Yes Cynth.. these are so cute... wish they come to India :(

  14. Where can i get etude house products in INDIA??????I 'v never used one b4 bt would definitely love to try out...

  15. hi you can buy etude house products online from

  16. That is so cute! I wld never use prdts packaged so beautifully. I guess I wld just keep them - save them :D


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