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Katy Perry ET Makeup Video Tutorial

I know this is not a wearable look, but I wanted to do it anyway coz, and you might have guessed it by now, I'm into artsy makeup. It's a fun look, so I hope you'll like watching how it's done, even if you're going to wear it any time :)

I'm still not very good at editing yet, and I'm still finding out the best lighting and everything, so please be patient with me. In this video, the music was fine when I was editing but when published it was cut a little near the end (argh!!! moment.) But I'm just getting started and I won't give up.

Products Used:

- Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free
- Make Up Forever HD Foundation #120
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer
- Laura Mercier Loose Powder

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Beauties Factory 120 Palette
- Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadow #23- silver
- Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
- Lotus Herbals Kajal
- Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes
- Maybelline Colossal Masacara

- Benefit Coralista Blush
- MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder

- White spots on eyes ~ Nyx Jumbo Pencil Milk
- Brown squares ~ Brown matte eyeshadow from 120 palette using a pointy eyeliner brush

- Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color #528

Makeup Brushes:
- Sigma

- Accessorize Heidi Plait Bando (http://www.indianvanitycase.com/2011/04/accessorize-haul.html)
- I placed a blonde wig at the back...untidily ;)

Inspired by:

I have another video, an everyday makeup tutorial, which I filmed 2 weeks ago, but I won't put it up until I've figure out how to sync voiceover with the music. Hope I'll be able to put it up latest by next week.

Hope you like & thanks for watching... and yeah, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel...if you want ;)

More video tutorials coming. If I'm not blogging, it means that I'm editing videos & pulling my hair =D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Whoa am first 2 comment ...U r beyond gorgeous even in weird makeup... he he

  2. Anonymous- awww...thanks! So sweet of u to say that ;)


  3. Wowww it looks awesome!! Great job!!

  4. You look so different in this look Cynthia !!!

  5. What kind of camera do u use please?

  6. Fab work CZ,absolutely love the way u have pulled off this futuristic tribal look! way to go

  7. Gorgeous CZ! Even as an ET - u look really cute :D

  8. Yup won't be trying this anytime soon but the video was fun to watch.And ET eating Ferraro makes me wanna grab one too ;)

  9. P.S: Artsy suits you! After watching the tutorial...I am a big fan of you now :P

  10. OMG you are awesome...this video can put most MUAs, esp Indian ones to utter shame....u hv the serious talent girl! Why don't you go Pro??? I have never seen this amazing makeup EVER on Indian silver screen...they could really get inspiration from you..U r class apart! Bravo!


  11. you are Gooooooooooooooood..!!! :) :) it looks spot on like Katy's..!! Love it..!!

  12. OMG! YAAY! you finally did a youtube tutorial! It was great! your sooo talented! i cant wait to see more videos! i already subscribed :) x

  13. brilliant!!!! yayy!! loved it!

  14. Thats Gorgeous Cynthia!!! Yr really talented. Open up0 that makeup studsio in galleria already!

  15. Awesome! Totally loved the tut!! Please do more vids :)

  16. ;ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now.. but this really made me go--> "maaahn this is neat.!" and i HAD to comment.!!

    please make more video tutorials..they are so much easier to follow..!!!

    and your choc eating stunt made me go hehe. :D

  17. bhanupriya- so sweet of u to leave a comment now :). Thank u...will do more for sure.

    pnb- lol..thanks...maybe someday

    neha s- aww...glad that u did

    mariam- How could I ignore yr encouragement?! ;)


  18. Nila- aww...that's an awesome compliment! So ur awesome ;) Thank u so much! Cheers!


  19. Shang J- Thanks..ya I love artsy makeup ;)

    Fathima- glad u like girl

    Sonia- hehe...FR is the bomb

    cnf- lol..hope i'll get there

    ibc, alice san- thanks


  20. Tanveer- hehe...aww..thanks :D

    aarthi- It's supposed to be different lol


  21. i follow your blog everyday(check your stats from cape elizabeth maine usa),but i rarely comment.

    i dont know why but i felt very happy listening to your voice for the first time. please do more videos.

  22. Amazing look loved the way you did it.
    You definitely a pro at this.
    I've recently been following your blog great job.

  23. wowow...cynth u r awesome...how much effort you have put in to create this look...hats off to you ....keep up the gr8 work

  24. Great job Cynthia, awesome and hats off to you.

  25. aoyv- haha...obviously ;D

    lais- thanks

    anonymous- so sweet of u :). I'm happy to hear that u were happy ;). Will definitely do more

    Varshini, mumbaimakeupdiary- Thank u so much


  26. Amazing work! Loved watching your YT video, hun! xoxo

  27. this is MIND BLOWING :) LOVE it <3

  28. Wow...this is just mindblowing...loved watching your video.
    Btw thanks for following me :)))

  29. Oh wooow absolutly stunning love it !


  30. whoa that looks awesome! its sharp, but still blended :)

  31. I Just discovered ur blog and i subscribed bec i love it!
    I love ur style and especially this look. It's simply beautiful.

  32. Diana- Thank you so much <3



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