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Colorbar Nail Lacquers ~ Lemon Drop, Teal & Greige

I bought 3 new nail polishes from Colorbar last week. The first is real, the last two are names I made up for the boring numbered ones.

  • Lemon Drop ~ Neon yellow. A close dupe for Chanel LA Sunrise &  Essie Shorty Pants. I want to wear this with a black & white outfit :)
  • #18 (Teal) ~ Teal green. A close dupe for MAC Ocean Dip from the Surf Baby Collection & Ocean Love Potion Sephora by OPI
  • #04 (Greige) ~ Grey-beige. Who cares if "greige" is old news? I LOVE this one. I LOVE it! If you have been looking for a greige nail polish, this is really pretty. It has a hint of pink in it, which makes it look really unique.. It looks quite similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge.

Lemon Drop

This was 2 days old when I clicked it, so it looks a bit worn out.


Price ~ Rs.150/- each.

Which one do you like the most?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I didn't like the texture of this range actually. I have "exclusive" and "plum". And it sucks! Its thick and very dull. Exclusive is streaky. Plum is pretty-ish with gold shimmer. But ugh..its almost like Lakme! Takes forever to dry :(

    Although, I like the greige one..looks kinda nice :)

  2. I like Greige.. :)The most..I want all three

  3. Stef- I also didn't like one plum shade I got. But the exclusive range I find.. not too bad

    nidhi- i like that a lot too


  4. lemon drop looks really kool on your nailz :)


  5. teal n griege ..superrr pretty !!

  6. i have the lemon drop and i use it for some nail art purpose..all three look fab on you :)

  7. hands down the lemon drop polish is the best...and is it just me or does it look amazing with your skin tone?

  8. I totally need teal right now!

  9. All three are great.. but Greige is prettier

  10. I love the lemon shade. Been searching for a nice shimmery midnight blue.

  11. Loving the Lemon drop! it's really funky and cool! xoxo

  12. I love Lemon Drop.. Think it is really summery :D


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