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Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadows ~ More Swatches

I bought 2 more Inglot Pure Pigments Eye Shadows, my new found loves, last week. My craving for more is gone for now.

Here are the swatches:

22 ~ Purple with gold flecks. This caught my attention from the very first time I checked out the Inglot Pigments, but when I saw that it's #22 I had to get it ;) (my birthday hehe)

I'm wearing 22 HERE

14 ~ This is an shimmery beige shade. The camera managed to make it look a little too peachy. Swatch below will show you true color...

I LOVE this! It can be used as a highlighter too. 

Inglot AMC Pigment Eye Shadow 22, 14

Price ~ Rs.700 each. I got a net makeup pouch for free with these and the Sleeks Cream Lip Paint. See pic of pouch here

See photos, swatches & review of Inglot Pigment #23 HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Hey 14 one luks really amazin'. 14 is such a flattrin' color. by d way whns Ur Birthday...???


  2. Pls post the pic of the pouch.. plssss

  3. those look like food! the second one looks like brown sugar..the first one looks like potpourri! =D

  4. Candy- 22nd May :).

    aarhi- click on link up there

    sarah- thanks


  5. Both the shades look really very very pretty :)

  6. Hey wt a coincidence v both r geminine hehhee... strange though...

  7. the shimmers looks so big @_@ I'm a little scared with glittery eye shadows. Thinking that it might hurt my eyes. haha. fool me. :p

  8. the pigment looks absolutely stunning

  9. Damn u CZ I'm crying my eyes out for pigment # 22, my b'day & anniversary r both half a year away, will hv to snag these on some other pretext...both the shades r gorgeous

  10. They are both so fab! gotta try these :)

  11. so pretty they look !! n 22 is my bday too :p

  12. Nice shades, loved the #22 shade. The FOTD using #22 is simply stunning. You have put in a lot of efforts, which is incredible. Loved your blog.

  13. Wow it looks so nice! Never seen it here before :)


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