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Lust List: Sleek Makeup Avoir la Pêche Collection

Now that is what I call Peach (Pêche?) Heaven

I WANT WANT WANT these so badly I feel like stamping my foot and throw a tantrum. Wait, actually I already did that. Ask my laptop.

They look so fabulous & yummy, and I can't get over the fact that they're inexpensive yet inaccessible to me.

Paraguaya i-Divine Palette $10.00

Pan-Tao Blush $6.50

Sugar May Pout Polish $6.50

It's really not fair that we can't get them here :(. If you're also lusting after these and feel blue right now, maybe we could all wear peach make-up tomorrow. Ya, let's do that! And say "pêche" (pronounced: pesh) a lot. 
  • "I'm feeling so pêche today"
  • "Nice top girl. It's so pêche"
  • "Uhm...I don't give a pêche what you think!"
  • "Ya, I'm going out to Avoir la Pêche tonight. New place. I hear the salmon is really good."
  • WTP?! - What the pêche?!

Let's get some fun out of it, at least. 

But tonight, let me go check on Ebay.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I want the blush! and the eyeshadow palette!! XD

  2. Me this collection ♥♥

  3. dis is soo nice..I love d peachy peachy look...n I can only imagine u peachy !! wud look awesum on u..

  4. the blush is soooo tempting....
    me wanna peche

  5. I want the eyeshadow palette and the blush...I WANTTTTTT

  6. the blush & pout polish look lovely!! not so sure about the palette.. but I love the blush! mmm... the pout polish almost looks yummy haha reminds me of peach sorbet for some reason lol :)


  7. blush looks like a good dupe for the discontinued NARS taj mahal :)

  8. what do you want from this collection cynthia. Message me and I'll send it to you :)

  9. That palette and blush looks great! :)

  10. get gawjus- aww...that's nice of u to offer, thanks. Will let u know.

    aoyv- ya it's definitely a dupe for that


  11. Bhumika- on u too girl. Peach looks good on almost everybody


  12. Hello Cynthia..i am going to review this next week..check my website

  13. where can i buy this from in India?


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