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My Hunt For Dotted Stockings & Found These...

Ever since dotted stockings became a trend, I'd been hunting for a pair. I didn't find them here and I didn't find them in Kuala Lumpur back in September either. I got so desperate I even thought about buying a plain pair of  black stockings and using black fabric paint to put dots on them. Okay, honestly, I just thought of that. I didn't get that desperate.
For the record, I don't like the ones with BIG penny-sized dots. Small beauty spot dots for me.
So, on Christmas Eve day, I found a pair with heart-shaped dots from Aldo. I wouldn't have bought them if they costed more than what they did, which was Rs.450, coz they didn't look like they'll survive a minor scratch from a dry cuticle, let alone a chipped nail! And they weren't packed in a polythene packet, they were just displayed barely for all to feel & scratch! I don't know what Aldo was thinking! =[

True story is: I was in Aldo with a friend, told the SA I was buying the stockings, she took it to the cash counter, then I got distracted looking at sunglasses & earrings, and left the store totally forgetting about the stockings! Of course, I remembered a few feet later and went back to actually buy them.

Since I'm doing stockings, I thought I'd show you these ones that I got from Kuala Lumpur as well...

Yup I 'settled' for these since I couldn't find dotted ones. Something is always better than nothing, right? I think they were about the same price as the Aldo ones. 

By the way, some people call these "Tights". Like, 'dotted tights' or 'patterned tights'. I can't bring myself to call them Tights, coz tights to me are the thick and opaque knit ones. If they're sheer, I always call them "Stockings". But yeah, I guess tights seem appropriate for sheer ones too. What about you? Tights or stockings?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. stockings ofcourse..tights as u sd are thicker..dos heart shaped 1s r cute..

  2. I love my tights/leggings/treggings/jeggings whatever ppl prefer to call it there days lol! You get so much more variety in them and they are resistent to any scratches too hehe

  3. They both look so pretty on you! (that is you in the pic right? awesome legs!).. I too make a distinction between stockings & tights. I like to call them by different names.. :)

  4. the heart shaped 1's look really nice.. seeing these i remember the video dulce candy posted in you tube :-)..


  5. stockings for me. thank u for the post,i loved boh of them, but d dotted pair better

  6. Vanity- I like the dotted ones better too

    T- hehe...ya it's me...thanks!

    G Gawjus- Ya those are awesome! :)

    SIB- Oh, I wouldn't know coz I don't watch her videos

    Bhumika- Stockings it is then :D

    Toni- Thanks!


  7. i love the dotted ones... n stockings it is... :)

  8. Heheh I usually just say tights, stockings I refer to as ones that only go knee or thigh high--but I suppose it can be used interchangeably too^^

    I really like patterned tights/stockings this year! They're so much fun :)

  9. I have been on the hunt too! Those are EXACTLY the type I want!

  10. I found mine!! but I'm waiting for the sale (ehehe)

  11. Definitely stockings and not tights...arre i saw dotted stockings at kunchals in GK 1 M block

  12. I love both stockings! Especially the heart dotted ones! Great blog!


  13. Boths of those are really cute! I'm British and over here we would call those tights. Stockings, to me, are old lady tights, lol.

    Isn't language funny? Lol.


  14. I call the thick ones tights too. I'd call the sheer ones stockings. There's another word for the latter too - pantyhose. Haha! Those you got from KL are very fiercely cool, btw.

  15. hey i have been seeing stockings since ages but cant seem to get my head around them
    are they worn for a specific purpose or just to add drama to the outfit?how to decide whether to go with your dress or skirt or add stockings to the outfit?i keep collecting lovely printed stockings because they look just so pretty..but cant really understand with what and when to wear them?also do they have a specific season in which they r worn?


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