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Hot Pink Travel Makeup Bag

Just when I was thinking about getting the Sigma MaxBag, I was gifted this cute hot pink makeup bag. I like that it looks like a handbag.

There's a strap inside, which you can attach to the sides and sling it on your shoulders if you want. I know, it should have been hot pink too, right? But it goes with the pink-light grey combo.

You can take out the middle separator thingy if you want just one big space 

I can fit A LOT of stuff in there- palettes, skincare products, and whatnot. Maybe even a small doll, if I were a weirdo =D. Makeup brushes, however, would only fit if placed horizontally. I would use it for jewelry too.

This makeup bag is from Ritu Wears and costs around Rs.350, coz it was 50% off! So if you live in Delhi, rush to the nearest outlet and grab one for yourself if you want an inexpensive big travel makeup bag.

Have a fun weekend everybody! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. OMG! its such a cute pink bag :) Love it

  2. this looks so nice..n at 350 its a steal..all gud thgs in delhi :(

  3. ♥ for pink !!

    cute bag!!

  4. Wow that's so cute in pink and useful with so much space. I wish I had loads of makeup to store...

  5. omg!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    ive started blogging again after over a year( so sorry)

    feels so good to ream makeup blogs again :)


  6. please buy this for me and post it to me .....pretty please :)

    Ill send you the money by check or DD

    Haven't seen anything like that in Mumbai!

  7. Vinita- Welcome back! Isn't Ritu Wears in Mumbai? I got this as a gift & have never really been to Ritu Wears, so I din't know if I'll find the exact same thing.


  8. ya? I didn't know ... maybe I should google a bit and find them.


    i cant wait to get my hands on this baby :)

  9. Trust me. I was looking for a pink vanity pouch and ths is jus perfect.. but i am not in Delhi :)

  10. It looks pretty pretty ... and was shocked to see the price :) *Superliked it*

  11. yaar cynthia its super sexy!!!! and can you help me with the place where its available in Mumbai...

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  12. That is one cute travel makeup bag! Oh, too cute! Now, let's see how your (Barbie) doll fits in there.......

  13. Wow! What is lovely girly color! Loved the bag :-)


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