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Look Ideas For A 70's Retro New Year's Party (Requested)

This was requested by Rajni, who has to attend a year end 70's Retro themed party. I hope I'm not too late with this post! She said she "doesn't want to look like a clown" haha. I completely understand, coz I have never been to one of those parties, so I'm a little out of wits myself & quite nervous about this post. So, I'll try my best to simplify my recommendations. If I were going to a 70's party, I'd probably combine Bobby's (Dimple Kapadia) , Zeenat Aman, Nicole Richie & Mila Kunis (That 70's Show) in my look. In simple words, a mini dress or skirt with a floral top, knee length high heel boots or platform stilettos (most probably boots coz it's winter) and a head band.
For those not comfortable in short thingies and look like a whale in bell-bottom pants, pick wide leg pants instead. Wide leg pants and trousers are more flattering on most body shape.

I like this white shirt & wide leg jeans combo.

Mac Venomous Villains Haul

Mac launched the Venomous Villains & A Tartan Tale in New Delhi last week but didn't launch both the collections in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon coz their stock got stuck in customs. I was going crazy! They kept saying they'll launch it "tomorrow"  for 4 days! I was so stressed out, but I'm guessing so were they by my incessant phone calls =D. But they managed to launch it yesterday evening finally...phew! Otherwise I was ready to get "pissed" drunk on New Year's Eve. I know I write "drunk" a lot, but it's just for effect. I'm not a sponge ;)
I just got 3 things:
  • Bite Of An Apple Blush from the Evil Queen collection: Soft coral pink with a matte finish
  • Heartless Lipstick from Cruella De Vil (Amplified Creme): Cherry Red
  • Violetta Lipstick from Maleficent collection (Amplified Creme) : A bright clean violet purple shade
I was tempted to get the Magically Cool Liquid Powder from Dr.Facilier collection, but I thought Rs.1700 was too much for a shimmery powder that I'll rarely (read: never) use. I also wanted Toxic Tale from Evil Queen but they didn't launch it here unfortunately.

Bite Of An Apple (Rs.1210)

Bite Of An Apple blush was the only thing I wanted most from the Venomous Villains,and I must say it's worth the wait. It is SO GORGEOUS!!!