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Lip Ice In India Now

I was jerked from my zen state of mind (my way of preventing motion sickness. Zen = thinking about shoes & makeup ;)) when I saw this Lip Ice ad at Ambience Mall yesterday while we were on the way to park the car. Actually my man spotted it and told me coz he saw how gaga I was over them in Malaysia last year. I bought so much I even got some freebies. Lip Ice is only available in Malaysia and some parts of Asia and America.
I've just used the Lip Ice lip balms that came in a jar and the ones that change color, and loved them!

Flavors ~ Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Blueberry. The first pink one must be a white stick that changes to a nice pink once applied on the lips. No, it's not like that thing called "Lip Magic" or something that you get here (I saw it in my hometown) which turned to a garish pink. The Lip Ice one changes to a really nice rosy pink, almost MLBB (my lips but better) when lightly applied. It's like a glossy/non-drying version of a lip tint.
The ad was there, but they didn't mention where to get it, so I don't know at the moment. 

Update: Click HERE for photos of all the Lip Ice Lip Balms

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^