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LOTD With THE Eyeliner Of The Season + A Maid Complaint

Do you also think I look paler? The cold is sucking the color out of me. I should have applied a bit of bronzer there, but I guess I was jaded after slogging all day since my new (occasional) maid didn't show up... two days in a row! That too in her first week we hired her. She works so lazily! She yawns (without covering her mouth) and says "What time is it now?" everyday. That's Ayah lingo for "I want to go now & I don't want to wash the sponges" It's not like I sat idle like a Nazi princess while she worked. I did it along with her.
Yes, I do want to fire her come Monday morning, but I think I should let her complete one month. What do you think?
Anyways, enough about her =D.  THE eyeliner I'm talking about is Colorbar's I-Glide Pencil in Jaded. It's a glossy jade green shade that's perfect for Christmas, especially if you don't wear colorful eyeshadows but still want to add color to your eyes. It's affordable (Rs.325) & glides like a dream. 

It's one green eyeliner which would look good on all skin tones, and if you have green eyes... OMG you are gonna have to wear one of those necklaces/bracelets (black tourmaline?) or a dot of kajal behind your earlobe to ward off evil/envy eyes.