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MAC Collections India Launch Update

Just a quick update on when some much-awaited MAC Collections will be launched in India. I told you that MAC Venomous Villains will be launched sometime this week, but they decided to launch MAC A Tartan Tale Collection first and then Venomous Villains shortly after that.

MAC A Tartan Tale will be launched this coming Saturday the 18th  or Sunday the 19th (I wish they would make up their minds! =[ ) and then Venomous Villains sometime next week.

MAC A Tartan Tale Collection

The Tartans are getting me all worked up too! Don't the plaid eyeshadows look gorgeous?! Sigh...just when I thought the Villains were my last temptations of the year!

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know before you cancel a date to go to a MAC store especially for the Villains this week, and then curse me for giving you wrong info :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Pond's Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum Review + A Pricier Dupe (?)

I've been using the Pond's Gold Radiance Serum for about a month now. Almost every night before going to bed. I don't apply anything else on top of it (except for eye cream). It feels watery and cool like a gel, a little sticky when it's wet but it dries to a matte finish. I massage it all over my face using upward motions.
Oh-em-gee! It's amazing! Every time I use this at night, my face glows & feels firmer and plumper the next morning. This morning the area between my brows looked so smooth! Seeing that totally woke me up. I frown a lot (when I'm thinking, watching tv, on the computer & maybe when I sleep too) so my forehead has some fine lines. It smoothes those lines + minimizes my pores + makes my face look radiant, which is why I don't really mind that I haven't noticed any effect it's made on my dark spots yet.