Looking For Something?



I'm currently obsessed with INGLOT, so I hope you won't get bored when I keep talking about Inglot products in the days to come. Just 3 things this time. Actually I picked up 5 products , then kept 2 back with the thought that if I wanted them bad enough I'd go back to the store after a stroll around the mall- a little tip I read in Cosmo to avoid compulsive buying.
Damn the tip.
Coz by the time I headed back the store (in another mall), it was closed. But yeah, I don't really want those things now as I'm writing this ;p
Anyways, here's what I got.... 

Face Blush #32 (Rs.640) ~ A coral blush with silver sparkle. The tester of this looked so good in the pan, my knees went weak. Testers are always lighter than new unopened products coz of daily exposure to light. I was a little disappointed to see this new blush looking a little darker than the tester, but it still looks gorgeous.