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Easy Leopard Look For Halloween

Unleash your inner animal this Halloween the easy way. I think we have a little bit of leopard-ness in all of us. Even though I love animal print clothes & accessories, I've never been a fan of the cat family (sorry!), except for Hello Kitty, coz she doesn't have claws and sharp teeth. And she has a bow-shaped peace sign on her forehead :). But after doing this look, I might say yes if my kids want a cat someday.

 At first I drew longer whiskers but my shaky fingers got stage fright half-way, so I cleaned it all up and drew shorter ones instead =D

IN2IT Cosmetics Haul

I'm still not over my IN2IT cosmetics craze,you know. I just think it's such a unique makeup brand. The design of their packaging sets them apart from all the drugstore brands. Even the quality of the products are really really good for the price.
Here are the IN2IT pretties I'm hearting.....

Blush Brush in Mirror Compact ~ Tell me that's not cute! The compact is white with silver swirl design. Very pretty. The blush brush is so soft and silky, more so than my own hair (i.e. on a good hair day)