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Lakme Gypsy Collection True Wear Nail Color Swatches & Review

I know, I know, it's like a Lakme Gypsy Collection parade over here lately, but this was requested, so... :)

In case you didn't know, a purple nail polish broke when these were delivered to me, that's why they look dirty (and I didn't want to waste my nail polish remover cleaning all that ;p )

I'll try to describe the shades in my own words.

  • 245 ~ Moulin Rouge Red (love!)
  • 422 ~ Tomato Red
  • 246 ~  Fuchsia with shimmer

Lakme Gypsy Collection Sheer Satin Lip Gloss Swatches & Review

Drench your lips in molten shine, with this smooth, feather-light gloss for hours of dazzling, mirror-like shine. Infused with moisturizing vitamins so you can treat your lips to an ultra-comfortable, satin finish.
Available in 8 shades.